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Our Callback programme will help you take every opportunity

Our customer callback program enables our agents to contact your customers who have dropped out of the order process. Commonly your customers won’t complete the order process for reasons including:

By using the callback system we can contact your customers to find out why they haven’t completed the order process. We will provide any information they require and take them through the order process step by step, ensuring we convert the customer.

When we contact customers who have “runaway” from your order page it gives you the opportunity to find out why they left the order page early. You can use this data to your advantage and make changes to your site which will result in fewer ‘runaways’ and more orders.

callback programmeWould you like to see a reduction of orders which are declined?

When an order declines it’s not only frustrating but also discourages your customers from attempting to order again. By contacting your customers shortly after their order has been declined we will be able to get to the root of the issue and offer an appropriate solution. The result is a processed order and the beginning of a strong relationship with your customer.

Your dedicated account manager will liaise closely with you to ensure that all your requirements and reporting tools are included. This will not only show you current callback activity but also highlight any issues that may have occurred on your website.

If we notice a high volume of ‘runaways’ it will alert us to a possible issue on your order pages. Our agents are trained to ask the right questions and gather relevant data which will help you find a solution and benefit from more converted sales.

“I was skeptical about the Customer Callback program that Claritie™ introduced me to but once I saw the results I was fully behind it and the benefits it brought.”

Robert Wass – Sheerion LLP

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“Having a UK based call centre is highly advantageous for Proactol Ltd. The Customer Service team communicate clearly and coherently without any language barriers, they are able to convert sales and have an excellent call back conversion.”
Katie Downing – Howitt; Proactol Ltd

claritie testimonials

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